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  • In 2017 ICSR introduced the ONLY Business Automation System ...

    + designed exclusively BY the Security Industry FOR the Security Industry

    + which can be adapted to any service , attendance or trade based business

    + with an add-on online store it can also automate product based businesses

    + being completely customisable, every page is yours to recreate

    + with 20+ years of Research into Security Process Management

    + as a complete turnkey, ready to run automation system

    + that ensures compliance 24/7and removes errors

    + which can double sales while halving costs tomorrow

    + boasting 100% up time with redundancy built in

    Since then we have made over 130 improvements and additions to our initial offering
    as each of our subscribers come up with new ideas.

  • Why is ICSR different from any other software on the market?

    The first major difference between ICSR and other software and apps is ...

    It's not software.

    The second major difference is ...

    It's not static.

    The code has been written by the business owner or by staff under his supervision, the website has changed, grown and devloped over the years. meaning it can still grow and adapt to perfectly suit YOUR NEEDS. Its like you have a team of codewriters working just for you, but you have a headstart on 10,000 man hours spent already designing an automation service around your business.

    Web Development SPECIFIC TO YOU is just $70 per hour, for that low fee, your exclusive code will be written by Australian developers working at ICSR.

    It may sound too good to be true, but you really can take any part of your business not already automated by the ICSR system and put it on a mobile app-like page for field workers to gather data and a desktop page to analyse and use that data.

    Let's pretend you are a document destruction company:-
    The website was originally designed for a group of security companies, their clients, staff and contractors.
    Many of the systems will be ready for you, but some may go unused while others may need tailoring or adding.
    If the recruitment forms don't need first aid certificate for example, we simply take them out.
    If there is an entire area of service delivery needing to be added, then we add it. Let's assume the current system of customer bookings both regular and ad hoc applies, jobs are still assigned to vehicles and to either staff or contractors.
    The staff will perform vehicle checks and logon, so these and many more functions, like HR and payroll will be covered.

    Let's assume though, you would like a form to capture the servicing of a destruction machine, complete with instructions, stats and results. You simply click the Web Development Request and upload a picture of your current paper or computer form (or your idea for a new one). By tomorrow, your service personnel can test your new, tailored mobile page on their own devices in the field and another page to report on these records.

    At $70 per hr, your company has just once to add specific functionality to the already enormously beneficial automation process. In so doing, they have created a smooth, compliant, paperless, streamlined machine servicing system viewable by customers, fieldworkers and management, forever into the future.

  • What is Business Automation?

    Business Automation or Business Process Automation comes under the heading Business Process Management (BPM).

    BPM first maps each individual process, required to make the business function.

    Each process is looked at with an aim to:

    + Identify and eliminate bottlenecks
    + Identify and eliminate errors
    + Control company costs
    + Make day-to-day processes as efficient as possible
    + Adapt to organisational change
    + Ensure the effectiveness of the people involved in your processes


    Business Process Management Automation is the main aim of Business Process Management as it achieves all of the above, 2 main reasons


    • Saving Cost by becoming more efficient
    If a task is repeated and takes an employee 4 hours to achieve at a rate of $50 per hr, we have a cost of $200 per instance, if this is a weekly task that single task will cost the business over $50K every 5 years.
    If we can automate this task by looking at what is involved to achieve it we can put the $50K into other areas or profit.

    • Improving Results
    Even if the above task is done generally “well” by the employee, we must still expect some occurrences to be better than others. Automating the process means creating the task in the best practise method and repeating it to this highest standard every single time. Eliminating errors
    Eliminating delays (due to workload, sick leave etc.)
    Eliminating fluctuations in results caused by Human factors.
    Eliminating talent based errors. Turnover is higher today than ever, because person A may do the task well, persons B, C and D that eventually replace them may not.
    Ensuring Compliance


    Does it Work? ... A brief history

    Over a period of 20 Years ASAP was a brand leader in Security.
    Their main competitive edge in the marketplace was “the Website”.

    This website was designed originally as an internal Business Automation
    Mechanism for rostering, job allocation, payroll and invoicing.
    Before long, customers and suppliers were also given access as the website became the single and all encompassing business tool, removing the need for MYOB and many other sets of software the business previously relied upon.

    While the business grew and took on National Clients, some with over 100 sites nationwide. (Officeworks and other retailers included) the staff required to run the business actually decreased with the automation taking care of nearly all business processes.

    In the end, only 3 people from the original 11 strong management team were required to run an organisation with annual turnover of $6mil across 3 companies. Profits miles above industry average allowed ASAP to offer price match guarantees and still remain profitable.

    The businesses were sold in 2016 so that the director could shift his focus to selling what worked so well for him, the website.

    There is no other automation system in the marketplace designed with security in mind.

    It is not a theoretic software system designed by software engineers, but a software system designed by a 25 year business owner and security consultant specifically to improve every aspect of a security business.

    Built for function as a back end product, its effect far exceeds its visual appeal.

    When tendering or presenting at sales meetings, it was the website that really won the customers over as they benefit so much from the transparency and flexibility to create and manage their own bookings. Of course, getting the customers to manage their own bookings removes yet another manual task.

  • What can we automate?

    With today's computer savvy community and our ability to write code the answer really is ...
    Just about everything.

    As Dominic Collier ran ASAP for the past 20 years, he systemised and computerised everything from prospective leads, the sales and tendering process, to customer service and bookings, recruitment, training, equipment, patrols, rosters, cash in transit, supervision, staff performance, finance, compliance, reporting and WHS.

    This kind of automation puts a business in great position to gain and retain Quality Assurance, Safety and Environmental certification. Ask us how we can help your organisation get the ticks.

    Click on the below for more details on each area of automation currently offered.

  • Customer Service

    Your customers will love the ability to see what is going on, manage their booking themselves 24/7, provide feedback, and chat 24/7 to your live personnel.

    A typical setup without automation:- A customer calls to make a booking

    The phone rings and is answered by a receptionist or random employee who is generally not the preferred person to help them.
    The call is then transferred (hopefully also logged) or a message taken and the customer is called back (hopefully)

    The customer relays the details to the employee and the employee records them (hopefully they are not driving etc and in a position to enter them directly)

    The customer then hopes the booking has been successfully and correctly made and will be attended on time by a suitable licensed, trained person.

    The same situation with automation:- A customer jumps online and makes their own booking

    The customer sees the booking has been made correctly and has not been filled.


    The supervisor receives a message that a new booking has been made.

    The system then checks through available, trained employees and begins to sms until it receives a reply.

    The system then confirms the employee and all their details including, photo, license and phone no are available to customer immediately.

    The customer then knows the booking has been successfully and correctly made and will be attended on time by a suitable licensed, trained person.

  • Finance

    1 click Payroll

    The Team Member turned up for their rostered work and logged on via the mobile site. They then entered data during their day via the same mobile site. They were tracked during their day to ensure they were in attendance and safe. They then logged off. Of course payroll should be a click away. The timesheets are already done. Calculations are made based on award or can be overwritten with flat or different penalty based rates. PAYG is as per government regulations. Super is as per government regulations but can be overwritten. Long Service, Sick Leave etc are all calculated. Annual and personal leave is applied for by the team member online and signed off by their supervisor.

    1 click Invoicing

    The Customer made the booking, for a guard, a patrol, a cash collection, alarm response, equipment install or service. The Team Member then turned up to site and logged on via the mobile site. They then entered data during their visit via the same mobile site. They were tracked during their stay to ensure they were in attendance and safe. They then logged off. Of course Invoices should be a click away. The purchase orders are already done by the client. Calculations are made based on hourly or can be overwritten with flat or different penalty based rates. GST is as per government regulations. Discounts can be offered automatically for lateness etc but can be overwritten. Early payment discounts etc are all calculated.

    Below is an screenshot of a timesheet page which sends one or all records to MYOB for one touch payroll and invoicing.

    You may notice the links to filter and add shifts, switch to calendar view, export to excel

    Exceptions like late or early sign ons, appear in red and produce a bell to be approved or adjusted by Management.

    From here you can view the job details, including log books or field reports, Incidents, parts used etc


    Anyone can do it

    No need for finance personnel with special skills.

    Taxation, Super etc. is all processed.

    Stop paying exorbitant amounts for financial software. This system works with, or can replace MYOB, Recken etc.
    You can even prepare and submit your own Income Tax returns, yes one click away.

    We can not only push information to Xero, MYOB or Quicken etc.We can display your customers' balance from MYOB on their landing page with a click to Pay Now!

    Accounts Receivable – AR and customer statements are automatically shown as invoices are generated, meaning you can chase up clients faster and easier. Every client sees their account balance on login.

    Accounts Payable – Suppliers upload their own invoices and petty cash receipts are uploaded in seconds via the mobile site. The person responsible for checking / authorising invoices gets a message with a link to approve within seconds.

    Profit & Loss – is shown by day, week, month or year.

    Take back your financial control without technical mumbo jumbo.

    End of Year – PAYG summaries, Income Tax returns, GST, Super and even bonuses are all made simple and error free.

    Businesses outsourcing to accountants can reduce this expensive outlay tremendously.
    Businesses employing a finance team can utilise their skills in higher grade work such as financial projection and planning.
    Bookkeeping is a thing of the past.
    Data entry is a thing of the past.

    They have been replaced by instant access to profitability and records.

  • Operations

    No need to spend management hrs on finding staff and filling shifts, the system finds suitable, trained and available staff for any shift and sends out automated sms. The system then checks for and receives replies and escalates according to your timeframes. Staff simply sms back to confirm. Their photo and details instantly appear next to the shift.

    No need for paper and pen patrols, or expensive wand systems, staff can patrol with their mobile phone all details including photos of breaches, cleaning, maintenance or other issues are not only instantly available, they are forwarded to the client or direct to their maintenance contractors immediately, depending on preference.

    No need for timesheets or “trust” systems for attendance. Staff sign on and off their shifts via the app and their location is confirmed along with the time.

  • HR



    Let the applicants come to you, 24/7. The system will keep gathering their details so that when it’s time to recruit, you don’t need to advertise, you simply process approved applicants through the system.

    Are you at times placing personnel into positions only to find you are doing the same within a year or two? Spending too much time on poor recruitment or too much money on recruitment agencies?
    Management and even the client if desired take a few moments to select the required standards of each position, the system then ensures these standards are met by scoring against the criteria.

    The system ensures your new recruits are as prepared as your veterans by providing and then testing basic company and site specific knowledge. It also ensures they take responsibility (in the form of acknowledgement receipts) for what they know and have agreed to abide by. (WHS and other workplace policies such as Internet and phone use etc.)

    Effortlessly keep a record of what each employee has and does not yet have in regards uniforms, keys, etc.

    Keeping all training records live means that at a glance you can see which employees are trained in which areas and more importantly, which are not.

    Performance Management
    One of the most difficult and stressful areas of any business is performance management. The system has taken the best practise approach to performance management and includes the ability for supervisors to instantly check on and record an employee’s performance in the field. There are templates for formal warnings, performance reviews and recognition (including a bonus system if desired).

    When messages are being sent direct from the top to all personnel, they do not get “spun” negatively as they may tend to do in an organic based system. There are areas for daily staff live chat to encourage open communication as well as footy tipping and other inclusive cultural programs. (Xmas party ideas etc.). If you ever wanted to take back your culture or ensure its protection, then this program is mandatory.

    Take the personality and mess, as well as any liability for wrongdoing out of exit by simply letting the system guide you. It is kept up to date with legislation as it happens so that you always know you are compliant and protected should things turn sour.

  • Reporting

    All reports generated, including charts, graphs, pdf written reports etc., are designed so that

    Minimum input = MAXIMUM RESULT

    When we speak of minimal input, we want the least time consuming method to input data by the lowest possible pay scale employee.
    When we speak of maximum result, we are seeking a result that is industry leading, world beating in terms of professionalism, compliance, transparency and recognition.
    Each piece of data may be used over and over again to create several results.

    Example INPUT - Security Guard signs on for duty

    time taken = 2seconds one click
    Pay scale = security guard
    Actual paid worktime taken = 0 seconds (paid from sign on)
    Admin / control room time spent on phone or radio = 0 seconds
    Pay scale = admin / control room
    Supervisor time taken to check legitimacy = 0 seconds
    Pay scale = supervisor
    Client time taken to check whereabouts of contracted personnel = 0 seconds
    Pay scale = goodwill toward contract value*
    (* this is the actual damage done when a customer feels they need to check a security team’s attendance)


    Client and all staff see details of personnel now on duty (photo, license details, name contact no)
    System doesn’t pursue a lateness query (send sms to staff, supervisor etc.)
    Payroll logs shift start ready for one click payroll
    Invoicing logs shift start ready for one click invoicing
    Hrs. add to long service, super, etc.
    Attendance points are calculated and reflected in performance review

    Just a small sample of some of the reports generated are:

    • Customer Visit Reports
    • Client Feedback
    • Sales Reports
    • Patrol Reports
    • Cash in Transit Reports
    • Cash Processing Reports
    • Risk Assessment Reports
    • OHS Reports
    • Incident Reports
    • Probationary Reports
    • Profit and Loss Reports
    • Staff Meetings

  • Sales

    Letting potential customers know you have the most compliant, transparent, accurate and easy to use system on the planet is an absolute joy.

    In fact the system when demonstrated will do most of the talking and selling for you.


    Which potential customers out there would not give preference to a contractor who …

    1. provides them with live data 24/7 on guards, patrols, cash collection and other services
    2. meets compliance head on with live licensing, first aid and other information 24/7
    3. provides all records live against their automated invoicing
    4. provides a 24/7 chat live feature
    5. provides a customer feedback system
    6. provides their own contract management and compliance reports
    7. provides training records of all personnel live and prior to placement on site
    8. allows the customer to determine and adjust their bookings as they needed 24/7

    Your clients will love how they can manage every aspect of your security services including:
    • access to risk assessments, contracts and all documents associated with account
    • Change password
    • Add, change, cancel bookings
    • Check History of invoicing and service
    • See who’s coming
    • Update Account details
    • 24 hour chat button.

  • Compliance

    Do you still do compliance the old way?

    Is there human involvement in your compliance systems?

    Worse still… do you contract out part of your compliance by signing up to one of the various contractor management systems out there?

    Compliance is about rules and notification upon the breach of them.

    This requires a system by default, it doesn’t require human skill and ingenuity and can only be damaged from human error.
    Our system manages compliance from every angle.

    Let’s take licensing as an example.

    The compliance check page includes anyone whose drivers, security or other license or first aid or other certificate is expired (red) or SOON TO EXPIRE (orange) the page is live and takes 2 seconds to click (once per day recommended).
    Payslips (with your logo ABN etc.) highlight these soon to be expired in orange for the employee.
    The system send out an SMS at soon to expire and regular intervals.
    The system will send out an Urgent sms at expiry and prevent the person from signing on, it will also cancel payroll once mandatory certificates have expired.

    What’s your system?

    We have too many compliance features to list but they include uniform check, vehicle check, attendance, patrol, tracking etc.


  • Administration

    Memos and communications can be sent to an individual, to staff working a particular site or to all staff. Best of all, the system generates read receipts so you can see who has not read their memos. Great for both communication and compliance.
    Keeping everything central on the system is fantastic for document and version control, as you make a change to procedure for a site or process. Someone writes the amendment once and uploads.
    This then gets approved, the document library is updated, and the memo regarding the change is ready to be acknowledged and signed off by all affected staff.

    ISO 9001 Quality Assurance and ASNZS4801 OHS Certification


    The correct use of this system will virtually guarantee the organisation receives and maintains their QA, EMS and WHS (OHS) standards certifications, vital for government and large corporate contracts. As an added feature at low cost, customers utilising the system can nominate ICSR to perform the role of Standards representative and thereby guarantee certification.

  • Management and Productivity

    The implementation of Business Goals linked to Departmental or management Objectives further linked to Tasks allows the Business to be seen holistically.


    Having each non-billable member of the team sign on to tasks linked to business goals means business objectives can be measured not only at the conclusion of the quarter or year, but instantly, and daily for not only progress, but resources and cost. -

    The priority of tasks ensures that people can be moved from high resource cost / low priority tasks to higher priority or fewer resource tasks, this streamlining of the organisation adds further value that traditionally big business could only afford to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars it would cost.

    This productivity and management resource tool will assist businesses from 1 to 10,000 employees or more

  • How will we Transition to the new system?

    Transitioning to the ICSR automated system is far easier than expected.

    ICSR can provide all IT services to transition your existing data from your current applications
    ICSR can provide staff and customer training as well as the standard training videos
    ICSR provide a 24/7 technical support line
    The website is simple to use and because it was designed by security personnel it is intuitive.

    Your data is protected and available 24/7/365 with 100% uptime thanks to two synchronised servers and an automated failover switch should one server go down for maintenance or any other reason.


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